Structure of Quality Control Department of Garment Export House

Quality Control Department plays an important role in producing quality garment right first time. Structure of quality control department and activities of various  quality personnel in a garment export house are explained in this article.
In garment manufacturing quality personnel are appointed in each section (department) to ensure quality output at end of each processes.
Section QAs are appointed under each department quality heads. An organization chart of Quality Department of a medium size shirt manufacturing company is shown in the following diagram.

Organization chart: Quality Department

Function of each QA has been explained briefly in the following table.

  Table #1
QA Profile
Job profile
Cutting and spreading section
Spreading QA

Sorting fabric width, shade and fabric effects

Cutting QA
Check and ensure cutting is done as per pattern
No defective panel is send for sewing
Bundling and Numbering is done correctly
Sewing Section

Floor QA
Monitoring the batch QA and line checkers.
Make a batch DHU report daily.
Batch QA

Monitoring the line checkers
Following red card system
Make a measurement report
End line QA

Check the garment 100%
Make the hourly inspection report
AQL auditor

Audit each and every production lot.
Hourly audit according to the AQL
Finishing Section

Button and button hole QA

Check the pattern of every style
Cross check each and every operation
Inline QA

Monitoring the line checkers
Cross checking of passed garments
Iron and presentation QA
Monitoring the Iron operation and the presentation checkers
Cross checking of passed garment at presentation level
Audit QA

Audit the packed goods according to AQL standards

Activities of departmental QAs are likely as above but not limited to these only. Add other activities if something is missing here.

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