Real-time Shop Floor Production Monitoring Systems for the Apparel Industry

Real-time shop floor data tracking and production management systems such as Leadtec (Blue Cherry Shop Floor Control system), iWorkPMS, Raptor are gaining popularity day by day in apparel manufacturing.

These systems use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or Barcode technology for real-time information capturing. Information tracked via RFID readers (terminals) from the shop floor is processed through software and provides various real-time reports that help managing production. Most essential reports such as line balancing, WIP, individual operator performance, line performance and employee earnings are available within a second.

In India, Leadtec system is quite familiar for shop floor production monitoring and efficiency improvement. Name of the lead RFID solution providers with their product name listed in this post. To learn more about the products you can visit their site.

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Blue cherry shop floor control system (previously known as Leadtec)

Solution Provider: CGS Inc. USA

The most comprehensive shop floor data collection and control solution available. Leadtec benefits manufacturers through improved profitability, reduced production costs, accelerated throughput time, and improved product quality. Read more

Leadtec Terminal installed in the workstation

Product: iWorkPMS

Solution Provider: iGarment Hong Kong

iWorkPMS system utilizes low-frequency RFID technology to capture real-time data during the entire production workflow, thus the transmission, tracking, storage and retrieval of information will become much smoother, and the whole process more transparent. This system is also known as RFID bundle tracking system.

Production Management System (PMS), Zymfactory

Solution Provider: Zymmetry Group, Hong Kong.

G.PRO Shop floor Data Tracking (SDT)

Solution Provider: GPRO Technologies, Malaysia

G.PRO Shopfloor Data Tracking (SDT) is a real-time shop floor data collection and feedback system designed specifically to meet the production control and management needs of the apparel industry.


Solution Provider: Tukatech Inc, Los Angeles

TUKAtrack's RFID system provides up-to-the-minute reports and analysis for every sewing room by style, cut number, customer, production line, and operator. TUKAtrack provides historical data about each operator's past performance, quality rating, efficiency on each machine and projects new production schedules.


Solution Provider: Crystal Consultancy Services Private Limited

Real-time Production Monitoring System for apparel manufacturers that promises to take the pain out of shop floor. The system is designed and built around iTag and iTag Reader. 

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