3 Ways to Increase Garment Production

Garment production is defined as output quantity derived from utilization of machine and manpower effort in the given time. In this post, 3 different ways are explained to increase garment production on the shop floor.

If you know labor productivity you can use following formula to calculate production per day.

Production per Day = (Unit produced by operator per hour X No. of machines X Shift hours in a day)

For example:
Assume that a T-Shirt factory has 100 machines and it works 8 hours a day. Each operator makes 10 pieces (T-Shirts) per hour, then production will be

Production/Day = (100 X 8 X 10) = 8,000 Pieces

How to increase garment production?

According to above production calculating the formula, if one factor is increased out of three factors (operator’s production rate, no. of machines and daily working shift hours).

Method-1: Daily garment production can be increased by increasing working hours per day. I mean doing overtime for permissible hours. 

For example: if factory works 10 hours instead of 8 hours factory will produce more pieces than earlier. Now production will be = 10X100X10 pieces = 10,000 Pieces/day

Method-2: Daily garment production can be increased by adding machine capacity.

For example – 120 machines are used instead of 100 machines then current production will be =10 X120X8 pieces = 9,600 Pieces /day 

Method-3: Daily garment production can be increased by improving operator’s production rate (productivity).  Through training program or skill development operator’s production rate improved by 10% i.e. 11 pieces of production per hour. Factory’s current production will be = 11 X 100 X 8 = 8,800 Pieces /Day. Operator's production rate can be improved through the use of advanced machines.
The improvement has been shown in the table

Production factors changed
Before (units)
After (units)
Working hours increased – 2 hours extra work
Machine capacity increased – 20 extra machines added
Operator’s productivity improved – 10% extra

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