Garment Washing - an Important Process in Garment Production

Garment washing is normally done after garment stitching. According to the fashion trend and the customers' demand, buyers ask for garment washing for specific product ranges. For the washing, apparel buyers mention exactly what types of washing they need for the order.

For example, I worked with the buyer Tom Tailor and made t-shirts and polo shirts. They asked for garment washing like – Vintage wash, Cloud wash, enzyme wash, softener wash or Acid wash. Each wash has different types of appearance on the fabric surfaces. Wash types mainly depend on product types. For denim product, a heavy enzyme wash is required where for the knitted T-shirt, light softener wash may be okay.

Importance of Garment Washing

The primary objects of garment washing inclue
  • To remove starch that applied during fabric manufacturing. 
  • To soften the garment hand feel and improve bulkiness 
  • To remove dirt, spots, oil stains that accumulate to the garment at the garment manufacturing processes. 
  • To remove chemicals used during the printing process and embroidery process
As mentioned above, sometimes you wash garments to meet customer requirement.
  • Washed clothes can be worn directly after purchasing 
  • To give a faded look or any other colour-tinted look to the garment. 
  • To stabilise garment shrinkage and dimensional instability 
  • To improve bulkiness and soft hand feel
To have an idea about washes, common garment washing types are explained below.

1. Heavy enzyme or Vintage Wash

Vintage means old look. To get the old or used appearance garments are washed inside the washing machine with enzymes. Fleece sweatshirts are washed with the heavy enzyme.
2. Cloud wash 

Cloud wash gives the appearance of white patches on the garment surface that looks like a cloud in the sky.
3. Stonewash

To get faded look on the garment surface white stone is used with enzymes during washing. During washing fabric come in contact with stones and by rubbing colour fades. Stonewash generally used for denim product washing. 

4. Acid wash

For acid wash, the base colour of the garment taken out by spraying acid on the specified areas.

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