The Role of Information Technology in Garment Industry

Today information technology (IT) becomes an integral part of the Garment Industry.
From employee attendance (clocking in)  to shipment dispatching is dependent on information technology.

Like service industries few departments of the garment industry are fully depended on IT or ERP. One recent case happened in one of my friends company, an MNC testing Lab. The server stopped performing due to some technical problem. What next, nobody able to do their job, it just became standstill. No new job can be created, no report can be viewed, no output. As a result workload piled up for everybody.

IT is not only important tools but essential for the doing the business. Where we need real time data/ information we can't think anything without IT application. Followings are few  names of IT tools those are in garment industry.

  • CAD/CAM systems for pattern making, plotting etc
  • Computerized cutting machine 
  • Online FIT approval,
  • ERP for inventory tracking, production management, 
  • Mailing solution, 
  • Preparation of MIS reports
  • Voice chatting, 
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines and 
  • Real time communication with buyer through online solutions like Skype.
  • PLM software

An ERP covers all of the jobs done by various departments. All imported purchasing is done through ERP systems and Recently many buyers pushed supplier to update operations on their EPR so that buyer can access the status of their orders sitting in the country office everyday.

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