OCS Website Makeover with a New Theme

Hello OCS Fans, I would like to let you know that I changed the theme of the OCS blog. I made it lighter, clean and mobile-friendly. I have removed all the clutters. The best part of this design is you can focus on reading the article. Few cosmetic changes will be done in the coming week.

With the new blog theme and layout, you may find little trouble in finding a subject. Here are a few guides to for finding the topic and content quickly (though you may know it).

The home page has a menu. On the post, there will be no menu. To find an article, you can use the search box. Go to the home page and click on the dropdown/expand icon. In the left sidebar, you will get author profile, archive, labels, and other lists.


OCS makeover article page
Article page
Homepage with left sidebar
If you need to read the recent articles, you can check in the home page or find through the archive. I will add one page with major article topics/subjects, where you can find links for different subjects. If you need help contact me.

There is a share button at the top right corner and bottom of the article. There is a comment box at the bottom of the article.

Post your comment whether you like the new theme or not. 

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  1. its plain and i am not able to find the menu ....

    1. Hi There, thanks for visiting OCS. In the current website theme, menu is not available on the articles pages. Go back to homepage for the menu and navigate. You can also read articles by topics. Expand the left sidebar --> expand the topics --> click on the labels.


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