3 EBooks on Performance Measuring Tools for the Apparel Manufacturing Industry

Updated: 27th July 2020

Currently, these ebooks are not available on Stitch Diary 

To enhance employee performance in various business processes you need two things - First, identify the key performance measures for the business processes and second, measure those by using the right performance measuring tool. To enhance your knowledge on performance measurements and guides, today I will share 3 ebooks written by Mausmi Ambastha. These ebooks covered all the major performance measuring tools, calculation formula, and method of measuring the performance. You can download her eBooks for free. 

Mausmi Ambatha, the author at stitchdiary.com blog, has recently published the following 3 eBooks on Performance Measuring Tools (PMT).
  1. Performance measuring tools - Merchandising
  2. Performance measuring tools - Operations & Quality 
  3. Performance measuring tools - Cutting & Production
A brief description of each of these eBooks is provided in the following paragraphs. Click on the following download links to download the eBook.

Ebooks by Mausmi Ambastha

1. PMT Merchandising: 

The first E-book covers the performance metrics for the Merchandising department. Since about 3/4th of the lead time is spent on merchandising activities, therefore, a delay in any activity of merchandising can lead to a subsequent delay in all the further activities. The Ebook talks about various metrics for merchandising department such as Enquiry response time, sample delivery percentage, sample rejection rate etc. 

2. PMT Operations & Quality: 

This book talks about measuring production and quality parameters which hold the key to bottom-line improvement. Metrics such as Man to Machine ratio and Takt time provide data to management regarding core business functioning. 

3. PMT Cutting & Production: 

This book talks about measuring the spreading, cutting and planning performance. Marker efficiency, marker consumption, achieved consumption, etc are some of the key metrics that are important in avoiding inefficiencies and erosion of cost advantages. 

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About Mausmi Ambastha
Mausmi is an established expert in the garment industry with 13 years of experience. She is a founder and COO at Threadsol. Mausmi holds a Masters degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT (India) and is also B. Tech in Computer Science. She has written over 20 publications for several leading apparel magazines.