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Workwear Manufacturers in Kolkata India

Workwear products include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Fire retardant (FR) clothing, industrial leather gloves, coverall, welding garments and many more. If you look at the workwear market, there is a huge market for workwear inside India and overseas.

In India, Kolkata is well known place for workwear manufacturers. Kolkata is known as workwear capital of India. Workwear manufacturer located in Kolkata make workwears for domestic market as well as for the exports market.

Kolkata is a hub for workwear manufacturing and there are many small size manufacturers and few very big and Govt. recognized workwear manufactures. Here we have tried to list down top companies. Many names might be missing. You can share workwear manufacturers’ name, if you know some names.
Mallcom (India),JPM ExportsRama OverseasSimpex International Unito Amrit Exports Pvt. Ltd. ( Lohia (P) Ltd.Opal International ( Industries Ltd (ht…

[Q&A] Which Machines not to Consider in MMR Calculation?

If we look at garment manufacturing companies, some factories do not have in-house embroidery section or screen printing section or washing plant. If I have all facilities in my factory, manpower count increases significantly compared to machine count of a factory having only sewing machines. Under such circumstances how do we compare MMR of one factory to another? … This question is asked by an OC reader. I invite you to share your opinion on this discussion.

10 Formulas for Production Calculation in the Apparel Industry

You might be using formula for calculating standard time or labour productivity or labour cost per minute. There are many such common measures we need to calculate everyday for preparing daily reports and measuring performance in various parameters. In this article we will try to understand how the basic performance measures are calculated and formulas that are used for calculating those measures.

Stitch Diary Vlog (Youtube Channel) by Mausmi Ambastha

Today I am going to share something very interesting. Till now most you have learned about garment industry by reading books, print magazines, my blog and/or many others webpages. Good news is that now you can learn about garment industry from video tutorials. My friend Mausmi Ambastha and her team at Threadsol has recently launched Stitch Diary Vlog (Youtube channel) on which she is teaching and sharing knowledge about garment industry. According to her StitchDiary Vlog is an extension of her existing blog Stitch Diary.

Who is Responsible for Shrinkage in Garment Once Sold to Retail Store?

I received this question a few days back from an OCS reader. The question was:
'I am new to the fashion industry and am curious if you could share who is responsible for shrinkage in materials after a garment is completed and already being sold in the retail store?'

I had shared my opinion on this case and my reply was as following.

"You have to look at multiple situations to find the party who might be responsible for this issue.

Assuming that you are a retailer and had sourced garments from a supplier(manufacturer) through business contract. In case you had mentioned fabric quality standard (e.g. fabric shrinkage allowance limit) in tech pack while sourcing, but your supplier did not meet that quality standard (e.g. shrinkage) then garment supplier will be responsible for this.

However, during sourcing and sample approval, as a buyer, you were supposed to check fabric shrinkage in the lab test report (FPT report). Normally fabric shrinkage test and approval are done in …

Production Line Efficiency Report Format and Formula (Download Template)

When it comes reporting performance of a production line the first report comes in mind is efficiency and production report. I have earlier posted articles on preparing monthly efficiency report and method of calculating efficiency of a production line. If you have already read those articles, you don’t need to read this one. Yes, I have shared additional thing in this post that might attract you to continue reading this post. I have shared one excel template with formula for preparing efficiency report of a production line. By using this template you can quickly prepare your report.

Our object is to prepare an efficiency report of a product line. It may be daily efficiency report or monthly efficiency report. It may be daily efficiency data for a month (See below image) for a specific line. The reporting format depends on your desired output data and you can design your report format as you wish.
Let’s prepare daily production report for a month for a line. Take a look list of data…

Different Types of Garment Packing

A nice packaging of garments sometimes increases sales at the retailer’s point. When we look at mass garment manufacturing for the export market and home market, we need to take care of the final packaging of articles, transportation of goods from manufacturing house to a retail shop and easy distribution of colour and sizes to the stores. Let’s look at an example -from the manufacturing unit to the retail shop or to the brand’s central warehouse readymade garments are transferred in cartons.

Each carton does not contain random garment pieces instead each carton contains garments of specific sizes, and colours of a certain ratio. The garment ratio of different sizes and colours may depend on the location, customer requirement and order booking. In a garment production unit, finished garments are folded and packed in individual poly bags. Later packed garments are placed into carton boxes. There are several criteria for the packing of the garments and packing into cartons which are ex…

Fully Automated Production Line for 5 Pocket Jeans Manufacturing by VibeMac

A 5 pockets jeans pant is a common article among the wide range apparel products. There are traditional sewing machines used for making full jeans. As technology advancement happened in jeans manufacturing, automated stitching machines are developed and available for bulk jeans production. In this post we will see those automated machines and workstations with a video from Vibemac.

Process of Yarn Dyeing on High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Machine

When you buy a textile product what you look for at first? What attracts you first is the colour of the item and then comes the other things - like the surface design, hand feel, comfort and its price. The eyes are our most trusted sense and hence we see the colour first from a distance. While textile was dyed extensively in the fabric form, some of the shortcomings of the process led to the technologists looking for alternatives. Thus the yarn dyeing techniques were introduced. In this post I will explain the HTHP yarn dyeing process.

Yarn, Fabric & Accessories Trade Show 2016 at New Delhi

The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show (YFA) 2016 will be held on November 23-26, 2016 at NSIC Okhla, New Delhi, India. This trade show will display fibre, yarn, fabric and apparel accessories and offer buyers a one-stop place to source all their requirements.

Importance of Feedback on Samples at Development Stage

One of the most familiar and common occurrence in all our workplaces is managers and supervisors constantly giving employees their feedback. Essentially this is how we get things done by showing the shortcomings or praising the work done. In this post our guest author Charm has explained the importance of establishing feedback system on samples at sampling stage in the apparel industry.

A Visual Guide for Different Types of Sewing Needles

At OCS, we cover the cutting edge of apparel manufacturing and the technology that makes it possible. While the technology in apparel manufacturing continues to improve and leave outdated methods behind, our friends at Wunderlabel France thought it would be nice to take a moment to show some appreciate for the humble sewing needle in its many varieties with their infographic showcasing 12 different types of sewing needles.

Online Clothing Study Site Reviews

Following reviews are published based on some reviews posted on our Facebook page by OCS fans and loyal readers. We are sharing these reviews for recognizing their love and support. I know you are also a good fan of this site. You can also add your review in the following comment box or in Facebook page.

Manufacturing Process of High Fashion Clothes

Recently I visited one high fashion garment manufacturing factory. I had observed some of their designs and dresses from running orders. All dresses were beautiful pieces with lot of embellishment. Embellishments included hand embroidery, machine embroidery, sequins, lost of handwork and bead work. From the conversation with the factory team I learned the whole manufacturing process of those high quality and high end clothes. I will be sharing those processes in details from fabric cutting to finishing the high end high fashion clothes.

Auto Pocket Setter for Pants and Jeans from Different Machine Manufacturers

With the need of production improvement and reduction of labour requirement in garment stitching semi-automated and fully automated machines are developed. These automatic machines are currently used for making garment parts. For an example, back pockets are common components in a pant and denim jeans. The pocket setting and attaching in jeans panel are done automatically. The whole garment making machine (automatically) is not yet developed.

What Does Letter T Means in Taffeta Fabric?

You might have seen taffeta fabric quality is defined with numbers that ends with T letter, like 190T, 240T, 250T. What does this 'T' letter means in the taffeta fabric? ‘T’ stands for number of yarns in one square inch fabric. This is sum of warp and weft yarns in one square inch fabric area.

Building Right Culture in the Workplace

In this post author has explained the importance of building the right culture in the work place to have a SELF DIRECTED WORK TEAM. The character of a company is defined by the type of culture it has. Simply because, if the company has a vibrant culture where employees and managers work in harmony as a team, its productivity and the quality of the product tend to be high.

List of Research Projects Undergone by NIFT Students

Research project is a part of course curriculum for students in fashion institutes. Every year students undergo research projects in their last semester. This project is also known as graduation project. You might be also doing similar course from a fashion institutes and you would undergo a research project in the next semester. Are you looking for a good and interesting project topic in the field of garment manufacturing, apparel retailing and apparel technology areas? Continue reading this post.

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