IntelloTrace – the Production Management Solution for the Garment Industry

IntelloTrace is the world’s first NFC based production management solution for the sewn product industry. Bringing the technology used by Google and Apple to the manufacturing floor.

IntelloTrace administers comprehensive tracking for the entire factory and helps in better control and execution of every department, equipping the factory with real-time business intelligence.
image source: Threadsol

What makes IntelloTrace the best production management system?

Some of the software features of intellotrace include

Comprehensive tracking: intelloTrace enables users to track orders from inventory till shipment for every department, allowing the managers to have superior control for better execution in just a single click.

Advance Alerts: Any anomaly in the factory is notified to the users by simple mobile alerts. This empowers managers with immediate actionable intelligence for the smooth functioning of their departments.

Shipment Prediction: IntelloTrace takes into account all the past factory data using complex algorithms and predicts plausible delivery dates. This aids the user in advance decision making and forecasting to avoid late shipments.

Flexible System: intelloTrace allows the user to customise the system as per the factory’s requirements, entailing minimal change in the existing process. The user can alter the check points and track important operations as per current production requirement.

Intelligent reporting: The entire functioning of the organisation can be monitored using interactive visual reports. The reports can be viewed at all levels of production – from the bird’s eye view at the factory to the in depth view at the operator level.

No Hardware Cost: The use of NFC ensures using intelloTrace requires close to no hardware cost.

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About Threadsol Softwares

Established in 2012, Threadsol is an organization with a unique combination of apparel production experts and software professional working together to bring innovative technologies to the manufacturing sector to enhance efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

The company started with their revolutionary flagship product intelloCut which has been tested and used in 7 countries and over 50 factories worldwide. ThreadSol has now officially launched intelloTrace, world’s first NFC based production management system in CISMA 2015.

Write-up supplied by Nikita Kalra, Threadsol