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What are the Reports Made by IE Department in Garment Factories?

In the last article, you have read duties and responsibilities of IE department on the various job profiles written by Madhaiyan C. Today he will share a list of reports made by him and his team for the factory management. IE reports play an important role in managing a factory and planning improvement projects.

In this post, reports are categories as Daily, Weekly and Month Reports. All these reports are important to track factory performance from micro to macro levels.

Most of you might be using some of or all the following reports. If not and you are planning to set up IE department in your factory or if you have just established IE departments, follow this list of reports.
Daily Reports Reports those are made on daily basis are known as Daily reports. IE department prepares following reports on every day.
Line, Factory and group efficiency reportLine, Factory and group Lost time reportFactory wise running style Costing report Daily factory KPI reportLine, factory and group WIP repo…

Duties and Responsibilities of Industrial Engineering Department

This post is written by Madhaiyan C, a long time OCS reader. He is an Industrial Engineers and heading IE department of a leading garment export house in Chennai. In this post, he has shared the list of duties and responsibilities he follows in his company. 
A written list of job responsibilities of a department is always beneficial for managing and monitoring a department from the top level. This also helps employees to be focused on their core responsibilities.

This is a complete list of duties and responsibilities for the Industrial Engineering department in the apparel industry. You can use this list and implement in your factory right now. You may need to modify some points based on your organization structure and IE team strength.

In this post, job responsibilities are listed for different positions of IEs.     Duties and responsibilities of the Industrial Engineering Head Following are the responsibilities of IE Head in his company.
Analyzing the CMT and Productivity details fo…

A Typical Day of an Industrial Engineer (Manager) in a Garment Export House

Meet Vineet Saini, a manager, Industrial Engineering Department, of a Delhi based leading garment export house. He is working in the garment industry for about 10 years. He started his career as a management trainee (IE) and now heading the Industrial Engineering Department.

I often meet with him. Last week I met with him and I took an interview on the common activities he performs day to day basis being an IE manager. According to him, there is no fix list of daily activities of an IE. Based on our discussion I have summarized the IE’s routine of a typical day.

In this article, you will find how an IE spends his day in a factory.

Performance Improvement of the Maintenance Department in the Apparel Industry

In the apparel industry, machine maintenance department is one that works silently. They don’t get recognized much for their work. In the organized garment factories, maintenance people work closely with Industrial Engineering department when it comes for shop floor machine maintenance. In many factories, management does not concern about their performance. So machine mechanics just do their job to keep the machine running and always do breakdown maintenance.

A factory can gain substantial benefit by setting up defined work responsibility and making a list of activities to be done by the maintenance department other than just repairing machines when it breakdowns.
"Good machine maintenance is an investment in productivity. Well maintained machines are more reliable, safer and last longer. " .. Better work, ILO
In this post, you will find various activities of a machine maintenance department that would help to improve their performance. Some of the tangible benefits of perfo…

Major Blocks in Implementing Lean Manufacturing in Garment Industry

This is a guest submission from Abhishek Goel.

In this article, Abhishek has shared the major blocks that he experienced in implementing Lean systems in the leading garment manufacturing factories.

Change is must to bring excellence in business. The manufacturing process needs to be improved to survive in the business for the long run. For the sack of survival, lean tools need to be embraced by the global garment industry. There are many benefits of implementing lean tools or lean manufacturing like improved productivity and improved quality.

Awareness of lean manufacturing concept has increased in last 5 years. Apparel business owners are implementing lean philosophy in the shop floors. 5S, Modular sewing line, KAIZEN are common and well known lean tools factories like to install. When we take closer look, things are not moving as supposed to be. There many blocks that stop factories to enjoy the full benefit of lean manufacturing.

Following are the Top 5 blocks in lean implementa…

Are You Using Software for Determining Garment SAM? (Survey)

This is a quick survey to understand what percentage of garment factories are using PMTS software to determine the standard time (SAM)?  

As per my opinion, most of the factories those have IE department and prepare operation bulletin for styles, don't use any software to estimate garment SAM. What do you think?

If you are working in a garment factory and/or know about the factories those prepare operation bulletin to answer the following questions by participating in this quick online survey.

Know more about available PMTS software for the garment industry.

I am also adding a poll for this survey on the right sidebar. Share this survey to as many people as possible by sharing this link ( ).

Note: This survey is closed.

Thank you in advance for participating in the survey. The survey result will be published here after one month.

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