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Subcontracting Business Process in Garment Industry

In my earlier post 10 small business ideas in the garment industry, I have mentioned subcontracting (job-work) is one option for entrepreneurs to start a business with low investment. In this post, I will explain the procedures of subcontracting in the apparel supply chain.

What is Subcontracting? Subcontracting can be defined as doing partial work of a contract that is originally received by other. The companies those do subcontract are called as subcontractors. They are also known as job-workers.

In the garment industry, a subcontracting unit is a factory that mainly does garment stitching work. They don't need to set-up other facilities and staffs for layer cutting, garment finishing, and packing activities. In apparel supply chain garment exporters receive original contract from apparel brands, international buyers or retailers. These export houses get their excess production done from subcontractors.

An export house can also work as a subcontractor. When an export house do…

IE Guide Book is Available on Flipkart and Amazon Store

This is just for your information that my book Industrial Engineering Guide to Job Interview Preparation is available on Amazon and Flipkart store.

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Tips for Sourcing Quality Garments for Your Business

So, you are in the apparel business. And you are sourcing garments from various garment factories. Or are you just planning to start your dream business in the garment industry? Read on following tips on sourcing garments.

I am often asked one question by small business owners and by would-be entrepreneurs - ‘How to know that vendors are supplying quality garments?’

To help them out I have shared a few tips on how to know that you are getting quality garments. These tips are applicable to any size of garment business that sourced garments from various manufacturers.

Sustainability in Apparel Industry – Commitments and Strategies undertaken to become Sustainable

This is a guest contribution from Bhawna Sharma

I have been developing my interest in sustainability after observing the sustainability measures undertaken by the apparel industry. The same environmental sensibilities that have swept the foodie world (farm-to-table, organic produce) are making inroads in the fashion universe. Slowly but surely the apparel industry is catching on to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

In the past several years, the apparel industry has faced intensifying criticism about its environmental footprint and has once again reacted both on a brand level, with many brands establishing their own sustainability commitments and strategies, as well as on an industry-wide scale with initiatives such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

Moreover, in the Apparel industry, the length of the supply chain (from natural fibre, polymer resin or other material, all the way to finished clothing) is quite long. Because of the numerous processing steps involv…

Difference Between Basic Time and Standard Time

Basic Time and Standard Time are used by Work-study officers and Industrial Engineers for work measurement. Observed Time or Cycle Time are two other terms used in time measurement. To differentiate above terminologies, definition and explanation are given below.
Cycle Time: Cycle time is defined as the time duration from the starting point of a job to the starting point of the next job. This time is established from the observation data of an operator while working at a certain pace.

Example: In a sewing operation, pick up the first piece to pick up of second pieces is cycle time. In cycle time, material handling time is included with actual work time in a machine.

Growth Rate of Minimum Wages in the Apparel Industry (Haryana, India 2011-2014)

Garment and Textile Industry is labour-intensive. The latest increase in minimum wages in Haryana, India hits the garment manufacturing business. As the garment industry is facing big challenges with 60% increment of average minimum wages from last minimum wages (January 1, 2014, to June 30 2014). Read on to know the growth trend of minimum wages.

Haryana Government has fixed minimum wages for Unskilled, Semi-skilled, Skilled and Highly-skilled employees. The increase in minimum wages this time is very high compared to the last 5 increments.

Gurgaon, Faridabad and Manesar are three major industrial clusters in Haryana state for the ready-made garment industry. Where most of the export garment manufacturers are located other than Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida in Northern part of India.

Determining Garment Piece Rate Based on Standard Time - An Introduction

On the other day, I met one Head Operations in a garment factory. On that day he was only one week old to that company. We were discussing issues faced by small garment factories like a problem in setting Piece Rate for new styles. He was asking me about setting piece rate for sewing operators based on operation SAM. And our discussion went on.

It was a knits factory. Garments are made by a group of operators. Progressive  Bundle System (PBS) doesn't exist there. Operators are paid in the piece-rate system. Piece rates are decided by past work experience of the manager, market rate, and mutual negotiation of factory and operators. The factory is looking for a solution to this problem caused due to the piece-rate system. As a new operations head, he likes to bring good systems in the factory.

He wants to determine the piece rate based on operation SAM. But he knows little about measuring garment SAM. He was wondering if I know about such things. 
Here SAM means Standard Minute. A…

Fibre2Fashion Mobile App for Smart Phones (Android and iPhones)

Fibre2Fashion, a B2B web portal for the Garment and Textile Industry, has recently launched a Mobile App for Smart Phones.

You no more need to open your computer or laptop to read the latest Textile News. You can read it on your phone by installing Fibre2Fashion Mobile App in your smartphone.  More than just Textile News, it delivers useful information pertaining to your business, be it Textile Business leads, Fibre - Feedstock Price Trend information or Jobs opening.

This is a very useful and smart App for all who need information on the following areas. Followings resources are now a finger touch away.

1) Buy & Sell – Find latest business requirements
a) Top buyers & suppliers’ listing
b) View & contact suppliers & buyers based on Business category & products.
2) News – North – East – West – South of Textiles and Apparel.
a) Daily top news & happenings in the industry
b) Category assorted news for easy traceability
3) Market Watch – Price movements of various te…

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