Organisations that provide Lean, Six Sigma Certification in India

Question: Where can I learn and get lean manufacturing certificate with training in India? please suggest. I don't mind the duration of the course.  ... asked by Praveen
I have considered this question. Reason -this is third time I have been asked for Lean certification courses in India by our readers. All readers are linked with apparel industry. I have done a quick research on the web and found some organisations those provide Lean Certification through work shops or regular classes. I have listed down 8 such names in a random order for your easy reference. You may find more such organisations.

I am not much familiar with quality of the courses provided by following organisations. Go to their sites by following links and explore about their services before you register for the certification courses.

  1. Lean Management Institute of India
  2. IIL India
  3. ASQ India
  4. Institute of Sigma Learning
  5. Example consulting group 
  6. TBM Consulting Group
  7. Indian Institute of Enterprise management