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  1. What affects the thread consumption? ... asked by Miteb Reza
  2. What types of information we get from different types of labels used in Garments? ... asked by Miteb Reza
  3. How Factory Overhead is Calculated in Garment Export Business? ... asked by Alok De
  4. Purpose and Procedures of Style Discussion Meeting Prior to Start of Production
  5. What is Bill of Material (BOM)?
  6. What does ‘L’ Letter after Button Size Stands for?
  7. What Documents are Sent by Buyers First to Start Work with Garment Manufacturer?
  8. Skills Required to Become a Successful Merchandiser in Buying Role  ... asked by Rajat 
  9. Day to day Job Responsibilities of a Merchandiser Working in a Buying Agency  ... asked by Rajat 
  10. How to calculate fabric consumption of knitted garment?  
  11. Time & Action Calender Format for Production Merchants  
  12. What is fabric cost and consumption in garment making? 

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