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The Concept of Operator's Performance Rating

Definition of Performance Rating: 

Rating is a subjective comparison of any condition or activity to a benchmark, based upon our experience. While the mechanics of time study record the time a task did take, applying a rating will determine the time a task should take.

What is 100% performance or Normal Performance?
The concept of 100% performance is a critical element of time study and performance measures. Normal performance is the rate of output which qualified workers will achieve without over-exertion over the working day shifts provided they know and adhere to the specified method and provided they are motivated to apply themselves to the work. This performance is denoted as 100% on standard rating and performance scales.

A slower is performance rate, which will produce fewer pieces per hour, is recorded as a percentage below 100%. A faster performance rate that produces more pieces per hour is recorded as greater than 100%.

Characteristic of 100% Performance or Normal operator


The Garment Factory Performance - Effect of Human Resource Management

The following report is a Ph. D thesis by Henrietta Lake on the topic of “Learning to Compete: The Performance Effect of Human Resource Management and Work Organization in the South Indian Garment Industry”
that cover very important insights of the Indian garment industry practices and performances. In this report you will get knowledge and information on the following areas :

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