Jan 6, 2011

Online Clothing Study

Online Clothing StudyLast updated: November 15, 2015

onlineclothingstudy.com is a much loved blog and familiar name in apparel and fashion industry. Many apparel industry professionals regularly follows our blog updates on various topics.

Online Clothing Study was launched on January 2011 as personal blog by Prasanta Sarkar, a professional blogger, garment industry professional, consultant and author of two books.

The main purpose of this blog is to share basic knowledge related to garment manufacturing that were learned from his real life experiences. Most of the articles are written as tutorial form to make it easy to understand.

Now, Online Clothing Study has grown BIG and one of the most popular blog in garment manufacturing and industrial engineering (in garment industry) with 620+ content rich posts. Major topics includes -

  • Industrial engineering
  • Apparel production
  • Apparel quality management
  • Apparel merchandising
  • Production planning
  • Latest technology updates in apparel and textile sectors
  • Textile basics

Later stage we have added OCS forum to involve OCS readers to participate in the discussion and post their questions directly.

In 2013 OCS published it's first book "Industrial Engineering Guide to Job Interview Preparation "on industrial engineering
In 2015 we have published second book "Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and technology"

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